5 senses preschool writing activity

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Preschool The 5 Senses Activities

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5 Senses Theme Activities for Preschool!

Moon Activity: Use this activity to accompany your unit about the Solar System or the moon! Cut up fact cards and place around the room. Blank cards included for writing customized facts about the moon based on class needs. Week 1: Holidays and the Five Senses Theme: Senses. Holiday Numbers Writing (Print) Holiday Patterns Folder Game: Gain unlimited access to our KidsSoup Resource Library member site with more than 10, activities and resources for preschool and kindergarten.

The Southwestern Educational Development Laboratory has created a wonderful five-senses unit for preschool and kindergarten teachers. Focusing on both abilities (such as hearing and seeing) and challenges (such as being blind or deaf), the unit includes lots of participation and activities.

Nov 25,  · Students identify and describe objects using their five senses. For more information go to full lesson plan at jkaireland.com Free five senses emergent readers. by Anna G September 29, 11 Comments. Pin if your child is ready.

When I started creating these they were also for my Five, who is now in kindergarten and a beginning reader. who will use them, so I’ll keep sharing them. 🙂 Enjoy! Our All About Me pack has pages of activities for the senses.

In this worksheet, students complete two sections. In the first section, they place a check mark next to words that relate to the sense of touch. In the second section, students view items (e.g. a feather) and write down how they think it might feel.

The activity satisifies Common Core Standards for.

5 senses preschool writing activity
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