Alternative choices of terminology used to describe autism

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LD310: Understanding how to support individuals with A.S.C. Q2&3

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Glossary of Autism Spectrum Disorders related Terminology

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Glossary of Autism Spectrum Disorders related Terminology

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LD310: Understanding how to support individuals with A.S.C. Q2&3

In war, it is expected that many exist for in-group members to describe both yourselves and the book population. Section provides information on the terminology used in this study and provides a background for the linguistic study by considering the uses of Autism terminology in the past and present with particular reference to metaphoric associations.

Asperger syndrome was and is still often used to describe people with "high functioning" autism Most people with the symptoms of Asperger syndrome are of normal or above normal intelligence with strong verbal skill and significant difficulties with social communication.

He used to play in it but has recently stopped. Now that I have said this he will probably start again. I do realize that this is just another hurdle to. When feeling angry the person does not appear to be able to pause and think of alternative strategies to resolve the situation 3.

2 explain why there are alternative choices of terminology used to describe. A piece of research published in the Autism journal in looked at the preferences of people on the autism spectrum, their families, friends and professionals around the language used to describe autism.

The research was conducted by The National Autistic Society (NAS), the Royal College of GPs and the UCL Institute of Education.

Autism: A commonly used term for Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Back to the top of the page. Autistic Disorder: A diagnostic label that was previously utilized to describe a person with an ASD.

Alternative choices of terminology used to describe autism
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LD Understanding how to support individuals with A.S.C. Q&