Cultural collisions in l2 academic writing

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From 'sympathetic' to 'dialogic' imagination : cultural study in the foreign language classroom

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UCLA Community College Review: Academic Literacy for English Language Learners

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Indeed, the study of L1 and L2 writing should remain central in CR. Collisions of cultures are experienced when the discourse practices L2 writers are expected to reproduce clash with what they know, believe, and value in their L1 writing.

academic writing mainstream, there have been some suggestions to the contrary. Taking an ethnographic approach, this study describes the contrasting cultural norms of academic writing and academic writing instruction at a large U.S.

university. It then compares these L1 versus L2 writing/language programs in U.S. universities. These. The significance of academic vocabulary in L2 writing has Thus, the stress for writing and publishing in English has generated, to large extent, to cross cultural analyses (Connor, ) with (EAP) English for academic Purposes.

Contrastive Rhetoric in Context: A Dynamic Model of L2 Writing PAUL KEI MATSUDA Purdue Universi~ among other voluable insights, three explanations for the organizational structures of L2 texts, including linguistic, cultural, and educational explanations. However, the contribution of contrastive rhetoric to.

Cultural Collisions in L2 Academic Writing Learning to write in English for academic purposes presents a significant challenge for non-native speakers. Not only must they deal with the obvious linguistic and technical issues such as syntax, vocabulary, and format, but they must also become familiar with Western notions of academic rhetoric.

Cultural collisions in l2 academic writing
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From 'sympathetic' to 'dialogic' imagination : cultural study in the foreign language classroom