Filter branch re write anime

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June 2018 Update

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One approach eventually refined some duplicated code and effort, leading to previous maintenance issues. I do it this way. Let's say you want to filter the content of a branch called branch-you-are-filtering.

Assume that there's an ancestor commit to that branch, with a ref called ref-for-commit-to-stop-at.

6 Git Tools - Rewriting History

For this reason, filter-branch will create a backup copy of every ref it modifies, as original/refs/*. Git will rewrite commits creating a copy of them. Old commits are kept alive by the original references. The command will only rewrite the positive refs mentioned in the command line (e.g.

if you pass a.b, only b will be rewritten). If you specify no filters, the commits will be recommitted without any changes, which would normally have no effect. git-filter-branch steps through every commit in your history, executing whatever shell scripts you gave it against the contents- the full file tree-of each commit (so you can write a bash script.

True, but in some cases you have no choice. I my case I had a wrong email address configured in my git config (as I could see with "git config --global -l"). When you run git filter-branch, this goes through each revision that you ever committed, one by one.

--tree-filter runs the script on each committed .

Filter branch re write anime
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