I am losing confidence

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8 ways to rebuild lost confidence

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Loss of confidence is very often the result of suffering severe trauma or of having what is commonly termed a nervous breakdown. The various anxieties involved have to be overcome first and it is often partially the sense of achievement at succeeding in this which helps to restore a degree of confidence.

Anxiety and Loss of Confidence By Paul David. Your confidence and personality gradually return in little strips, building up in layers, until eventually you feel like the person you were before you became ill.

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I am sure most people can identify with this statement. I am not going to write down all the philosophy or some sort of psychological hacks that would motivate you. Tell me, how many times you followed fairy tale like hacks and they actually helped.

I know things like this appear to be fucking good unt. Jul 24,  · It happens to everyone eventually – something deeply rattles your confidence. You lose a job, mess up at work, receive tough feedback, or are otherwise set back on your heels.

It's common to conclude that losing your job and being dumped by your lover are things that cause you to lose confidence in yourself. But these things do not cause you to lose self confidence at all. Instead, it is a negative change in the way you think that causes a loss of confidence.

I am losing confidence
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