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Unit 6 Management in Information Technology Assignment Brief

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IT Grants working with TutorVersal are very enthusiastic and thoughtful and can even take up counterarguments of very short deadline.

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The Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) selected for this assignment is New Era Furniture Mart (NEFM). NEFM is a producer and exporter of varied types of workplace and household furniture’s based on the taste and preferences of its target customers, in order to retain in the market for long run.

A- in Information Technology Management Field B- Keywords in Topic: Big data, Internet of Things (IoT), Smart Grids, Cloud computing, Technology Strategies, Oman Electricity Sector – with Special Reference to International or Global Power Industry.

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Information is considered an assembly of data useful for an analysis or to assist with decision making. Concerning HeavyBid, information will include bid total for each item or description, markup percentage (cost), markup percentage on sales (bid), markup percentage on cost (bid), bid total and net difference from balance bid just to name a few.

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Information technology assignment
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