Promethean board pen not writing a thank

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The Socialist Phenomenon

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Pen not working on board. I use an HDMI connection with the Promethean board. When I go to write on the board, it does not recognize the pen at all.

How to Calibrate the Promethean Pen

It will only write on my laptop. I am not sure what the problem is. Thank you. 0. Answers. Adam K Promethean Posts: 2, admin. Promethean Board – The Basics Technology Training Page 1 of 2 Promethean Boards – The Basics The interactive white board is a vital part of the classroom experience.

We have Promethean Model boards in all of The pen can be used like a mouse, a color writing tool as well as other features. Your finger can also be used on most cases. If you touch the Promethean Pen to the board and see that the pen tip does not align with the arrow, the board needs to be calibrated.

You can start the calibration process either from the board or using the software on your computer.

Promethean Teacher ActivPen 50 - Single

TigerDirect Business is not responsible for typographical or photographic errors. Prices and specifications are subject to change without notice. ActivBoard Digital Pen. The digital pen is included with the ActivPanel 3, 4 andand offered as an accessory to the ActivBoard 6 Touch and 10 Touch.

I have been using a Promethean board and Activslate in my classroom for the past five years. During this time, i have made some really fabulous flipcharts for each of my lessons.

I will be working in a new school district in the fall.

Promethean board pen not writing a thank
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The Socialist Phenomenon by Igor Shafarevich