Sap ecc to bi

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Connecting SAP R/3 (SAP ECC) Modules from Power BI

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More than 3 years of Experience as a SAP BI Consultant and extensive knowledge of SAP R3/ECC system. Extensive experience of Implementation and Support which includes Data-Modelling, Data Extraction, Data Loading, Scheduling, Monitoring, Reporting and Performance Tuning.

Extracting data from SAP ECC for analyses and reporting purposes is usually done using BI ETL tools, for example SAP Business Warehouse.

Data load from SAP ECC to SAP BI

However, when data is needed for a regular robust maintainable process, and there are no ETL tools available. BI is a software which is developed by SAP to extract data from these source systems for further analysis.

We have to connect each source system to BI to get his data extraction. There are two names to BI. How do we connect ECC with BW/BI. Raj December 15, 6. Spread the love. BI refers not only Data Warehouse, but also a complete set of products which are all provided by SAP to build the Business Intelligence system.

SAP Business Information Warehouse (BW) is also a one of the data warehousing system which provide the kind. How to Implement BAdI for Enhancing the Datasource in ECC Applies to: SAP BW 3.x, BI developers and Reporting Users.

For more information, visit the BusinessBusiness How to Implement BAdI for Enhancing the Datasource in ECC SAP COMMUNITY NETWORK SDN - | BPX - | BOC -

Sap ecc to bi
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