Where to buy rice paper for spring rolls

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Rice Paper

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Vegan Vietnamese Spring Rolls

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*Please note the ingredients for the Fresh Vegan Spring Rolls are approximate, simply based off of preference. Feel free to add or decrease as you please.

Print. Fresh Vegan Spring Rolls. Yield: 6; 6 rice paper sheets; approx. 1 c. soaked bean threads (place dry threads into a bowl and pour hot water over them.

Shrimp Spring Rolls with Peanut Dipping Sauce

Allow to soak for 5 minutes). Yes, you can deep fry the rice paper rolls. Since rice paper is so fragile, quite a few people prefer to use wrappers that are labeled as spring roll wrappers (which often have a bit of wheat flour added). All you need for these spring rolls are: Spring roll rice paper.

What is Rice Paper?

I buy Bamboo Tree Spring Roll Rice Paper Square Wrappers 22cm Tufoco Vietnamese 12oz (round version, but you can use square as well). Vegetables of your choice. I chose carrots, red bell pepper. A linguistic note: These also moonlight as summer rolls, rice paper rolls, Vietnamese spring rolls, salad rolls -- the list goes on.

Spring rolls can be fried too, but then they are no longer called fresh spring rolls, and are referred to as fried spring rolls, or simply, spring rolls.

Despite Mr. Spring Roll’s packaging photo, I kept the rice papers in their plastic packaging to avoid getting the papers wet. A good 1/4-inch stack of papers fit in the caddy. Rotating action: I usually quickly rotate my rice paper in the water to moisten it.

Where to buy rice paper for spring rolls
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