Writing junit tests

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The new major version of the programmer-friendly testing framework for Java

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JUnit 5 User Guide

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We have now created a Maven project that can run unit tests which use JUnit 5. Let’s move on and write a simple unit test with JUnit 5.

Writing a Simple Unit Tests. Automated JUnit Generation - 80% Code Coverage, or Better.

JUnit - Using Assertion

AgitarOne JUnit Generator provides the fastest and easiest way to create a thorough regression suite of JUnit tests, both for new code and for legacy applications. Using Rules to Influence JUnit Test Execution December 15, | | Tags: coding, unit testing, JUnit JUnit rules allow you to write code to inspect a test before it is run, modify whether and how to run the test, and inspect and modify test results.

Writing Unit Tests: The Anatomy of a JUnit. Now that we have talked a little about unit testing and set-up itself, let's move on to actual construction and execution of these tests.

To best illustrate the creation of JUnits, we want to start with something basic. I have some Junit unit tests that require a large amount of heap-space to run - i.e.

1G. (They test memory-intensive functionality for a webstart app that will only run with sufficient heap-space.

Writing junit tests
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